Thriving Entrepreneur Network

Thriving Entrepreneur Network (TEN)

Our city is home to many entrepreneurs. Everyday leaders are taking steps forward to live out their dreams!

What is TEN?

The Thriving Entrepreneur Network exists to help entrepreneurs celebrate year 10 by providing a strong network, quality referrals, and weekly meetings with relevant 10-minute training. Local entrepreneurs will guest speak to share their failure and wins along the way. We’ll focus on the grit and perseverance needed to make it TEN.

 Thriving Entrepreneur Network

Why TEN?

TEN is created by entrepreneurs. Reece Morrison has been going strong with one business for 10+ years and has another in infancy stages. Michael Brown is 18 months in. His friendship and coffee meetings with Reece over the years helped push Michael over the edge to follow a dream and to not bail when things get tough. Michael and Reece have been able to refer one another to opportunities as well. So encouragement has led to business development. The odds of success are not favorable, so we want to do everything we can to improve the success rate.

Let’s band together to help one another not just take the steps to live out our dreams, but to actually experience the dream!

Grow Your Business

 TEN is a network that wants to see your business succeed. We will help one another grow our businesses through quality referrals.

Discover Local Talent

TEN is a great way to connect with entrepreneurial leaders and other talented, creative, passionate people.

(Re)Discover Your Passion

When you’re around passionate people, you can’t help but be energized and encouraged. Whether you’re just starting to think about an idea, are early in the startup phase or already run a successful business, TEN will give you the shot of energy and passion that we all need from time to time.


Is TEN a church event?

TEN is not a church event. It’s born out of a dream our church has to help entrepreneurs and their families Thrive. We hope that by launching TEN you will celebrate the 10-year mark of your business, your marriage, your kids birthdays, etc… Thrive Christian Church has a large comfortable foyer for a large group and great parking, so we figured it would be an ideal place to meet. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christ-follower, you’ll be inspired by the stories of the role that faith played in getting businesses started, overcoming obstacles and even landing a big deal.

Here’s the scoop

  • Launch Date, July 27
  • Every Tuesday
  • Time: 8-9 a.m.
  • Cost: $2 for coffee and bagels
  • Location: Thrive Christian Church (1330 N. College Ave, Fayetteville, Arkansas) Think Tacos for Life, Ozark Natural Foods and Einstein Bagels.

 Thriving Entrepreneur Network


  • Coffee and Bagels
  • Network
  • Introduction to TEN
  • Network
  • TEN Talk Conclusion

Who is Driving TEN?

Michael Brown, MA with Insight Leadership Group and Reece Morrison with Morrison and Associates.


TEN Talk Schedule

August 9 | Charlie Wagner

  • Charlie is a Product Engineer who has been in business for almost 8 years! He does product design (cad), consulting, machine design, and automated equipment. He’s going to share the landmines he stepped on while launching and how he failed forward to get to today.