Starting Point

starting Point

Starting Point

Should I go to Starting Point? Should the Razorbacks try and win a championship?

Now that we have that covered. I’ll see you there!

Mark Your Calendar

  • January 21 | 5 -7:30 p.m. | Starting Point

We will have some food that Papa John might be bringing to eat. Kids will have a really cool time with Taryn in Thrive Kids that night. Adults can bring some appetizer type dishes and enjoy fresh baked Italian from Papa John. While enjoying fine cuisine, we will get to know one another and find our Starting Point!

Should I Serve?

Some say serving at Thrive is as awesome as driving a Porsche down the pig trail. Starting Point will provide clarity about different volunteer roles in the church and train you to rock those out if you want to do them. You can also test drive a ministry without any awkwardness if you say, “that Porsche is not for me.” Just hop in ministry area and give it a try.

Should I go to a medium-sized gathering?

Our medium-sized gatherings are called Stoutheart and Coffee and Cupcakes. These are groups to help men get to know men and women get to know women. It’s all about building friendships. Here’s the secret – if you like hanging out in one of these gatherings, you will probably like Barbeque and Bible or/and a Thrive Group. But, shhh… that’s just our secret. 

Should I get in a Thrive Group?

Thrive groups are new. They are groups of 3-4 adults meeting 2-4 times a month to talk about what they read in the Bible, pray together, and hangout. Thrive Groups gender specific and do not have a specific start and end date. We will check on groups a few times a year and hope that some groups choose to multiple and start new ones!

So, should I go to Starting Point? Well … yeah, we will see you there.