Get Connected

Get Connected


Here’s How


There are a few ways to get connected at Thrive. We know not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same schedule. So … don’t feel pressured to come to everything. However, everything is quite awesome.

We also know that not everyone is ready to walk into anything. You know, sometimes we are uncomfortable …

So… in light of that reality we have a few ways to connect.


Monthly Gatherings

These are medium sized gatherings that are fun, laid back, and the only purpose is to help people in the church and outside the church develop friendships. There are no corny games, devotions, name tags, etc… – it’s just hanging out and having fun. This is a great place to invite friends and a great place to find friends in the church.

Women: Coffee and Cupcakes

Men | Stoutheart

Small Group Gatherings

These are well … small groups. We call them Connection Groups. These groups are filled with cool people are open to talking about God things with one another. Groups start and run for 6-8 weeks and then stop for a little while. You can stay in the same group or sign up with a different group the next time they start.


Thrive has found that alot of people are more comfortable serving than they are meeting in groups. We’re cool with that. We try and make it easy for you to jump in and use your gifts for the Kingdom. That’s why we let people “Test Drive” a ministry. You know – try it out and see if you like it.

It can be difficult to find a place to help out in a church. You want to serve, but don’t want to sign your life away. (We get it. We work from 8-5ish as well.) In the meantime, God has created you with unique gifts, talents and abilities. Test-driving a ministry can help you tap into those gifts and find fulfillment while building great friendships.