Food Pantry

Outback Food Pantry


Why are we talking about a food pantry?

We have a vision to serve our city and helping supply food to the Outback Food Pantry is a tangible way Thrive can serve Fayetteville.

Kids in NWA are going home hungry and many of them have no place to call home. Homelessness and Hunger are becoming more and more common in our beautiful city. There are 9,653 students enrolled in the Fayetteville Public Schools.

  • 44% of one of the Fayetteville school receive free or reduced rate for meals.(with the highest school at being 82% ) of those students have free or a reduced rate for breakfast and lunch.
  • 82% of another Fayetteville school receives free or reduced rate meals.
  • 127 children from 64 families were homeless at the beginning of 2015 school year. 270 students were considered homeless at the end of the school year.

How does this food pantry work?

The Outback pantry supplies food for qualifying families one Friday a month. The families come to the warehouse and pick up a Free large box of food to supplement families pantries at home. A select group of Fayetteville Public School students organize the pantry and box food for families. The Outback Food Pantry is located in the ALPS building next to Ramay Junior High School.

  • 2,205 individuals that are given food boxes from Outback during 2015/2016.
  • 224 of those individuals accessed the Outback Food Pantry for the first time in 2016.


What can Thrive do to help?

We love our city and want to support the amazing servant leaders already working to help our community in need.

There is a list of food items at the bottom of this page that will always be accepted and are necessary. However, each month we will choose a food category to focus on together. We will do our best to make sure there is always enough food for the families and children in our city.

  • October | Canned vegetables
  • November | Toiletry Items
  • December | Soup
  • Place the food in the Thrive Box in the foyer under the clock.

What else can we do?

Save your travel toiletries from hotels. During November and December will be putting together kits for kids. Each kit will have necessary hygiene supplies.