Christmas Day Devotion

Posted By on Dec 25, 2016 |

Christmas Morning DevotionThrive Christian Church

Read Luke 2:1-20

Here are a few questions to think through as a family.

What would it have been like to be the mother of Jesus hearing people say these things about your son?

Jesus was born in a barn, more like a cave. What are your favorite barn animals? What noises do they make? Do you think Jesus laughed when he heard the sheep and goat making noises? (remind your family that Jesus was a baby boy who learned to laugh and cry just like they did.)

It says, “Christ the Savior” was born. Matthew 1 tells us that Jesus came to save us from our sin. Discuss receiving the gift of salvation. What do we need saving from? (This conversation can go a lot of fun places with kids. If you feel comfortable, talk about how our sin. Things like lying, selfishness, etc… keep us from experiencing life with God. So we need saving from those things to live the life Jesus came to give us.)

Wrap up the discussion by talking about your favorite things about the Bible and Church.

Pray as a family. If you don’t know what to pray you this as an example:
Ask God for something. (Let everyone ask God for something out loud. Let them say whatever they want and enjoy the time talking to God. It doesn’t have to be formal. Just talk to God like He is right in front of you.)
Confess something to God. (Talk to God about something you can do better or shouldn’t do anymore.)
Thank God for something. (Be creative and being thankful for gifts is fine.)

Now keep on enjoying Christmas Day with your family!

See you on January 1! We will have extra strong coffee ready for you. Wear your 2017, I’m getting in shape this year, no seriously, I am, running shoes. We will kick off our new series called Starting Point.