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Where do I go for Christmas Eve in Fayetteville, Arkansas?


The Early Traditions

Each year, my family would drive our minivan across the USA to El Paso, TX for Christmas. I remember vividly seeing Santa Clause fly across the desert sky. My dad needed to drive the light blue caravan a bit faster so Santa wouldn’t skip our house. (We all know that Santa doesn’t deliver presents when kids are awake.) I also remember going to Christmas Eve services at my Great-Grandma’s Westside Church of Christ. This was the one night out of the year our entire family came together.

When I was in elementary school, we skipped the cross-country trip one year and stayed in North Carolina. We went to the midnight candlelight service outside. It was cold, but I got to hold the fire (lit candle) and stay up late. While I don’t remember much about Jesus, I remember being at church because Jesus was born. While I remember receiving a lot of presents, I remember constantly learning that this season was about the birth of Jesus and not the presents I received.

New Traditions

Now, it’s almost 2017 and Meg and I have 3 boys. Since the beginning of Thrive, our kids get the opportunity to hang out with our church family… ALOT! But, I hope they enjoy the tradition of being in church with us on Christmas Eve. I hope they enjoy singing Christmas songs, holding the candles, and celebrating the greatest gift ever. While they might not fully get what it’s all about, they know it’s about more than the gifts they will open the next day. They do know we focus on Jesus and giving more than receiving. They know that we invite friends with no family in town over for dinner. They know that we will be in church together on Christmas Eve because that’s what we do. It’s how we roll. It’s our tradition.

What’s Do You Want Your Kids to Experience?

I think that we always have opportunities to bring new traditions into our family and that it’s never too late.

We invite you and your family to celebrate Christmas at Thrive on Christmas Eve.

We have services at 5 and 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited. It’s a 40 minuteish family focused, candlelight service. We have a fun Christmas Party Hangout in between services.

Thrive Christian Church is in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center by Ozark Natural Foods and Einstein Bagels.Christmas Eve Service, Fayetteville, ArkansasThrive Christmas Eve Service